About Antoinette Burchill

Artist, writer, researcher, performer. Provocateur.

Inspired by the clown and the fool, I make mischief that is playful – defiant, teasing and delivered with a dry wit and humour, and often in the form of pranks. The pranks and performances I create instigate dialogues, which are disruptive and imaginatively delinquent. I use a strategy of beguiling discomfort to construct counter-public spheres with publics. Satire, awkwardness and exaggeration are tools I instigate to maintain that beguiling discomfort. This enables the work I create to permeate, rather than to confront; and seeks to blur the boundaries between activism and everyday life.

In this context, mischievous pranks have the potential to reveal positions of political and/or hegemonic power, and to humorously propose alternatives. My practice develops the position taken by Chantal Mouffe, and considers democracy, dissent and the agonistic public sphere, not as abstract or theoretical positions, but ones that are visceral, encountered, experienced, performed.

August 2013.


Antoinette Burchill





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